Ye Olde Brixham Pirate Shoppe

Pirate Festival Clothing Shop. We be Darren & Laura a couple of scurvy pirates making Pirate Costumes from Brixham in Devon, the home of Europe’s biggest and best pirate festival. Each May bank holiday for the past decade, scores of wenches and buccaneers descend on this little fishing port and with them, bring vital trade to our beloved town. Without this event and many others like it, the town would suffer and an important part of its community lost. With that in mind, we gave birth to an idea; a plan to create Brixham’s very own pirate shop. A shop at the heart of the town and one that supports and promotes the festival every way it can. It will stock affordable bespoke pirate wear, custom hats and expertly sourced attire for all the family, that won’t break the bank. As well as an online pirate shop, we will be creating Brixham’s very own pop-up shop positioned in prime position during the Brixham Pirate Festival. It will also travel the length and breadth of the country visiting other pirate festival to sell piratical wares. And at the same time it will promote and support our own beloved pirate festival, encouraging as many people as we can muster to visit our little town.

pirate festival clothing shop

Ye Olde Brixham Pirate Shoppe

Carefully sourced new and vintage Piratical attire, as well as custom apparel, expertly designed and finished.

Our aim is to design, create and source the very best in Pirate Garb and to always deliver 5 Star friendliness and service towards all of our customers.

So take a good look Me Hearties at some of Ye Olde Pirate Clothing & Apparel and for a few Pieces of Eight, Arrr this Treasure could be yours.

pirate festival clothing shop

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Ahoy there, Shipmates!

This Treasure Map shows Arrr location in Brixham and many other Pirate Festivals of interest. We'll soon be Land Ahoy at a Festival near you Me Hearties. So lookout for Ye Olde Brixham Pirate Shoppe stall selling our best Pirate Booty for a song or a nugget of gold.

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